The former Slayer co-lead guitarist and the current Exodus songwriter and guitarist, Gary Holt, recently posted a photo of a legendary businesswoman on his Instagram account and praised her for her contributions to metal music as a genre.

As you may have heard, one of the most crucial figures of the metal scene passed away on January 10, 2021, and her death was mourned by everyone in the metal scene, including Metallica, Gary Holt, and many more. Marsha Zazula was praised for her character, energy, hard work, independence, and immense contributions to metal music.

Marsha Zazula founded Megaforce with her husband in 1983 and her record label released numerous famous albums, including Metallicas first two ones. As you know, Metallica didn’t achieve success the first moment they started singing, but it was their first two albums that put them on the map.

Being so unconventional must have made it hard for the band to get a record deal but Marsha didn’t turn her back to them. Megaforce released ‘Kill ‘Em All‘ in 1983 and ‘Ride the Lightning‘ in 1984 and even though the band decided to work with Elektra Records for their third album, Megaforce is still credited for being the record label that launched Metallica’s career.

With his recent Instagram post, Gary Holt cherished Marsha’s contributions to the metal scene and said that ‘Metal would not be what it is today if not for her.’ He also said that she is an icon of the thrash scene and a woman who has raised metal music ‘from its infancy to where it is today.’

Here’s what Gary Holt said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“RIP Marsha Zazula, one of the founders of Megaforce Records along with her husband Johnny. Icon of the thrash scene and someone who helped build it from its infancy to where it is today. LEGEND. Raise your glasses in her honor. Metal would not be what it is today if not for her 🤘🏻❤️”