One of the most talented thrash metal guitarists of all time, Gary Holt, has posted the cover photo of AC/DC’s legendary album, Powerage, on his official social media page and revealed his opinion over that record.

In the statement, Gary mentioned the guitar tone of the album and praised the guitarists, Malcolm and Angus Young, by paying attention to the heavy guitar tone they used. He also stated that Bon Scott was at the top of his career in this record.

Here’s what Gary wrote:

“This record (Powerage), for fuck’s sake, is probably the greatest hard rock album of all time. They’re my favorite rock band of all time, and in my high school they reigned supreme. And this record? So fucking heavy. The guitars! Holy shit. Everything about this record is perfect.

Bon was so on top of his game, like always, and this record is so raw. 14 year old me couldn’t get enough of it. And so began a long love affair with milking a good groove (I should be paying them royalties for the song ‘Brain Dead!’) and this record is special to me.

Another band and record that could have been number one on any list for me, these things are hard to do! Time for some Down Payment Blues! Or maybe a little Riff Raff! Pick a song, they’re all classics.”

A fan named Trumogram commented:

“I would argue that highway to hell was AC/DC at their best but this album is right behind it. Riff Raff is a rock and roll masterpiece🤘”

Gary responded:

“This one started me on this journey, so it gets the nod🤘🏻”

You can see the original social media post here. You can listen to one of my favorite songs on the album below.