Exodus guitarist Gary Holt took his official Instagram account to reflect on his band being called ‘shitty Metallica’ in Netflix’s series Cobra Kai and revealed whether he enjoyed the show.

The fourth season of the popular TV series Cobra Kai was recently released on Netflix. The show was originally inspired by the Karate Kid movie released in 1984. Cobra Kai also stands out with its heavy metal-oriented music and various references to the metal world. In one of the recent episodes, there was also a funny reference to Exodus.

In the scene, the character of Raymond and one of his neighbors have a conversation about the loud music they heard last night. The neighbor complains that someone was ‘blaring shitty Metallica all night.’ Then, Raymond responds to him by saying that it was actually not Metallica but Exodus’ ‘Bonded By Blood.’

Gary Holt posted this short clip from the show on his Instagram account and revealed that he is a long-time fan of Cobra Kai. He also mentioned the Exodus reference and said that he was delighted to see it in one of his favorite TV shows. It looks like Holt had a lot of fun while watching the scene since he felt the need to share it on his social media.

Here is how Gary Holt reacted to the Exodus reference in Cobra Kai:

“Rad! One of my favorite shows just threw a massive Exodus reference! So sick! William Zabka, this season is epic!”

Under the clip he shared, there were many comments supporting what Gary Holt said. His followers also called the reference amazing and revealed how much they loved the show, just like Gary Holt.