Exodus’ Gary Holt gave an interview to Loudwire in which he recalled an incident that made him realize he is still Gary Holt from Slayer, not from Exodus.

Holt joined Exodus as Tim Agnello’s replacement in 1981. From then on, he has been the primary songwriter and the band’s most senior member. Ever since Kirk Hammett’s departure in 1983 to join Metallica, Holt kept the band together for many years. Besides, he is the sole member of Exodus who has performed on every one of the band’s albums.

On February 12, 2011, Slayer announced that Holt would temporarily fill in for Jeff Hanneman as he was severely ill. The guitarist then performed with the band on several occasions. Following Hanneman’s death on May 2, 2013, Holt became a permanent member of Slayer and continued working with them until their disbandment.

In a recent interview by Loudwire, Gary Holt talked about his newfound sobriety, which made him recall an incident. He said that he went on stage sober for the first time to perform at the benefit show at Sacramento for Tom Hunting. According to Holt, he knew he would get overwhelmed with attention as he is still Gary Holt from Slayer, not from Exodus.

In the interview, Gary Holt told Loudwire:

“The only thing I would miss about drinking is the taste of beer, and I’ve found that there are amazing alcohol-free beers out there now.

The first time I went out sober was to a benefit in Sacramento for Tom Hunting, and I knew I was going to get swarmed on for autographs because sometimes I’m still Gary Holt from Slayer, I’m not Gary from Exodus, and I’m showing up to a small club.

Usually, I’d have a couple of beers before I walk in to take the edge off because you’re socially awkward sometimes. I got kind of closed in for a minute, and I felt kind of unsure of myself, and I went into the dressing room.

They had some alcohol-free beers, and I drank one, and the placebo effect is real. I went back out, and I hung out till I took every photo that anybody wanted, and I felt great.”

Although Gary Holt’s music career in Slayer was relatively brief in comparison to his career in Exodus, he thinks he is still Slayer’s Gary Holt. Moreover, the guitarist also thinks that the attention he gets is primarily because of that.