Former Slayer star who was the replacement of Tim Agnello back in 1981, Gary Holt, was recently interviewed by the YouTube channel of Death Angel and recalled his memory with James Hetfield in the latest episode of ‘Alive & Streaming: A Lesson In Violence.’

As Gary claims that Master of Puppets is the greatest metal album ever made and he still supports all Metallica members, he also recalled the day he and Exodus shared the same stage with Metallica in the 1986 New Year’s Eve gig.

While showing respect to Metallica frontman James Hetfield and whole band members, Gary Holt also claimed that Exodus has crushed Metallica in that gig and James Hetfield comes up to them and said it was the last time Exodus open for them.

Here is what Gary Holt said:

“We crushed Metallica and look, I’m not gloating — we crushed ’em, and they knew it. It was their big homecoming. They just finished recording ‘Master Of Puppets’, and we came out, and we had more amps, we had a bigger riser.

We came out looking like the headliners. And we were partying hard after, and James comes up, and we were just getting wasted. ‘That’ll be the last time you guys open for us.’ And it was. We never played with Metallica again until in the recent decade, and that was, like, festivals somewhere.”

You can watch the whole interview below.

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