Gary Holt recently joined Jamey Jasta’s The Jasta Show for an interview. During his appearance, the guitarist commented on Exodus’s influence on Slayer and whether he confronted Kerry King on this subject.

Gary Holt is a musician who performs with Exodus as their guitarist, bandleader, and primary songwriter. On the other hand, he was also a member of Slayer between 2011 and 2019, when he was hired to replace Jeff Hanneman temporarily but became a permanent member after his passing in May 2013.

Exodus and Slayer appeared on the same stage on various occasions throughout their career, and they even toured together. Since both bands are considered prominent members of the metal scene, it is no surprise they were influenced by one another.

In the interview on The Jasta Show, the host Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta told Gary Holt that he knows some people have noticed similarities between Slayer’s and Exodus’ songs. He then asked the guitarist if Kerry King ever revealed to him that he borrowed a riff from Exodus.

As a response, Gary Holt said that Kerry ‘never laid claim’ about this, and he will not say there are certain similarities either. Following that, the guitarist said it is normal for them to borrow from each other as all thrash bands sound similar.

After saying that, Holt added they are distinct from each other in their way of using different styles. Moreover, he also said the bands just steal and change each other’s music to the extent that no one notices.

During The Jasta Show, the host, Jamey Jastam told Gary Holt:

“Did you ever have a moment with Kerry King where he said, ‘You know, I borrowed this riff from Exodus,’ or anything like that? Because we have a segment called ‘Yours is ours is,’ and some people have submitted certain songs and compared them to Exodus songs. And I don’t think we ever did it on the segment just out of respect, but now that you guys are technically finished, what can you say?”

As a response, Gary Holt said:

Kerry’s never laid claim, and I’m not gonna sit here and go, ‘I hear it.’ But there are similarities in all of us.

I think we all subconsciously borrow from each other a little bit here and there. But we’re too, not just Slayer and Exodus, but all those thrash bands, we all are similar.

But we all have our slightly different stylistic embellishments that make us unique from each other. We just steal and change it to where no one notices.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.