Exodus guitarist Gary Holt was interviewed by The Metal Voice, and during their conversation, he talked about whether they have considered reuniting with Slayer.

Back in 2011, Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman was diagnosed with a flesh-eating disease named necrotizing fasciitis, and the band hired Gary to replace Hanneman temporarily. Two years later, Jeff passed away due to liver failure, and Holt was announced as a permanent member of Slayer.

The band decided to retire in 2018, and they planned a farewell tour, ‘Final World Tour,’ which lasted until November 2019 with a total of 147 shows around the world. Since then, Slayer has been inactive in the scene.

Slayer’s manager, Rick Sales, stated back in 2019 that retirement is about not touring anymore and said that it doesn’t mean Slayer is done, which gave hope to some fans. However, Gary has been turning down any questions about a possible Slayer reunion.

In the conversation with The Metal Voice, Holt reflected on this idea once again. Gary said that Slayer is done and won’t continue in the future and also mentioned that people should enjoy the good moments and memories they left behind, as he has been doing.

After being asked about the possible Slayer reunion, Gary Holt said:

“No, Slayer is done, enjoy the memories. I know I do.”

You can check out the interview below.