Slayer guitarist Gary Holt spoke in an interview with The Metal Voice and revealed his thoughts about possibility of new Slayer album before their final tour. He said:

“No. No, there’s no new album. I’d say it’s a no. But my name is Gary ‘No Comment’ Holt today. I don’t know nothing. You’ve seen the dates, you saw the press releases.

Come out and celebrate the mighty history of Slayer, which I’m lucky to have been part of for the last seven years now. It’s been a ride, it’s been remarkable, and we’re gonna end it in gloriously violent fashion.”

He also mentioned about if there’s a chance Slayer might continue even after the tour is done like the Scorpions did. He said:

“Noooo. C’mon! But I love the Scorpions. I hope [their tour] never ends. We are wrapping it up. The tour dates have been announced. The tour is huge. It’s gonna be awesome.

And I’m honored and proud to be a part of it. And we’re gonna make it something for people to remember. It’s gonna be epic.

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