Exodus guitarist and former member of Slayer, Gary Holt posted some photos of himself with Metallica icon James Hetfield on Instagram taken during a ‘The Big Four’ show and revealed how Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett helped him out when his amp was broken.

As you might remember, the Sonisphere Festival has taken place in various countries in Europe starting in 2009. The festival became an unforgettable event when the four legendary heavy metal bands, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax gathered and performed together on stage. The shows were called The Big Four and the performance in Sofia, Bulgaria was released as a concert film named ‘The Big Four: Live from Sofia, Bulgaria.’

Recently on Instagram, Gary Holt posted some photos of himself and James Hetfield was taken by a fan during ‘The Big Four‘ show at Yankee Stadium. On the caption of his post, Holt shared a fun fact about a technical problem he had during their performance with Metallica. Apparently, Gary’s amp wasn’t working and they didn’t have any time to fix it during the show.

Gary told the lead guitarist of Metallica, Kirk Hammett, that his amp wasn’t working and Kirk gave his amp to Holt. Since they all had in-ear monitors which made it impossible for him to hear something. However, Gary mentioned it was still fun to be there and perform together with the heavy metal legends regardless of the technical problems.

Here’s what Gary Holt stated on the caption of his recent post:

“Been sent some screenshots post-jam at the Big 4 show at Yankee stadium! Fun fact! My guitar wasn’t working! My tech, Warren Lee, said ‘the amp ain’t working bro!’ And since during an actual show, not really much time to fix it, I like all the other guests were running a simple half stack, not my stage rig.

During the song, I tell Kirk Hammett my amp isn’t working! So he hands me his, as I was basically playing air guitar almost! But since they’re all using in-ear monitors, I couldn’t hear what was coming out of his either! Fuck it! It was fun nonetheless!”

You can see the photo Gary Holt posted on his Instagram account below.