Known as the guitarist of Exodus and Slayer, Gary Holt made an assertive claim that Exodus is better than all the bands in the ‘Big Four’ of thrash metal genre.

As you may know, thrash metal’s reputation, composition and development have been attributed to four main bands in the music industry. Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, and Megadeth are considered as the cult and the stable members of thrash metal.

Even though Slayer disbanded, too soon in most fans’ opinions, it continues to preserve its place on the leaderboard. Gary Holt joined Slayer as their guitarist in 2011 and quit his former band Exodus. After Slayer retired and disbanded, Holt returned to Exodus and is now actively performing with the band.

In a recent interview, Gary Holt dissed the big four members and stated that Exodus could delete them off the industry. He didn’t forget to credit his previous band, Slayer, and stated that they would be the only one who Exodus couldn’t compete with if they were still active.

According to the guitarist, the songs of the Big Four bands are good but, in terms of thrash metal, he thinks Exodus deserves to be there. Even though all the bands on the list are considered legendary, the guitarist has no problem with competing with them because he doesn’t like to lose.

Here is how Holt dissed the big four:

We’d wipe them all from the face of the earth. If Slayer were still around, they’d be the only ones who could hang. Look, the song catalogs of all those guys, you can’t argue with that. But that’s why we bang our heads thousand times harder, we have an uphill battle, but we don’t like to lose.

The ironic part of this subject is that all of these bands have cross-membered with each other at some point in their career. For example, Dave Mustaine was in Metallica before Megadeth, and Kirk Hammett was in Exodus before he joined Metallica. As also mentioned before, Gary Holt traveled between Exodus and Slayer as well.