Slayer and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt joined a Q&A for Marshall Amplification on Instagram and revealed the results of Exodus’ hard work for the new album.

During a Q&A for Marshall Amplification’s Instagram account, the talented guitarist of Slayer and Exodus, Gary Holt talked about the new songs that Exodus had been working on for a while now.

As you might remember, Exodus released their tenth studio album, ‘Blood In, Blood Out,’ on October 14, 2014, which gained the appreciation of the fans.

Apparently, the band will be in the studio for their new album’s recording later this year. Gary mentioned their effort for creating new songs during the lockdown process and revealed that they had a million new riffs for the upcoming album.

“I’ll be in the studio in September. Writing right now, we’ve got about six songs done and about a million riffs. And it’s crushing.

We all say that, right? I’m not kidding. It’s something else. People are gonna hear this record and they’re gonna go, ‘Holy shit! Exodus is up to no good.'”

Earlier last year, Gary Holt also stated in an interview that the new album was going to be ‘savage’:

“I’ve been writing the new album for a long time, Tom Hunting and I, and we’re just taking our time. We’re in no hurry. It’s been four years, and if it takes two more, we’re gonna spend the time and do it right.

The new material is just savage. It should be illegal, it’s so heavy. It’s fucking criminal. Brutal – fast as fuck.”

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