Exodus and Slayer guitarist Gary Holt spoke to The Aquarian to take about Exodus’ latest album. Holt highlighted that working with Slayer didn’t have any influence on their new album.

Gary Holt joined Exodus when the band’s guitarist Tim Agnello left in 1981. He became not only the band’s guitarist but also the primary songwriter. His talent was highly appreciated by metal fans and musicians, and Holt built an excellent reputation.

Slayer members invited the guitarist to join them temporarily due to Jeff Hanneman’s illness during one of the band’s tours in 2001. After the guitarist passed away on May 2, 2013, Holt continued to play with the band as a permanent member until Slayer’s final show.

Therefore, the journalist wanted to ask Holt whether working Slayer inspired Gary Holt while working on Exodus’ eleventh studio album entitled ‘Persona Non Grata,’ released on November 19, 2021. He said Slayer and Exodus have very different styles, so it didn’t influence him.

In Holt’s words, he said:

“Not at all. Exodus and Slayer are two different entities, two different bands. I am always writing riffs. I have a catalog of thousands of riffs. I have some great stuff that wasn’t used on the new album.

I get super A.D.D. about riffs, ’cause I’ll come up with something new and think, ‘Do I sit on the new one and dig into the older stuff?’ Sometimes, I’ll sit with Tom and play him stuff I’ve recorded on my phone, and he’ll say, ‘Wait! Play that one again.’ I will have forgotten how to play it on my guitar.”

Gary Holt added that he has countless great riffs that weren’t used on the latest album, and he always tries to create new things without using the old riffs or sounds.