Exodus guitarist and former member of Slayer, Gary Holt posted a photo of his collaboration with Cameo and joined a dispute between fans in the comment section ended up blocking one of them.

Recently on Instagram, former Slayer member Gary Holt announced his collaboration with Cameo, which is a brand that connects fans with their favorite musicians and celebrities via video messages.

On the caption of his Instagram post, Gary invited his fans and followers to look him up on Cameo and join him for a conversation:

“Since we are feeling like shut-ins, let’s get those greetings and insults going! Cameo is the place to go! Let your long-missing friends know that you still don’t miss them!

Tell your friend with the bad breath that you can still smell the onions and garlic from clear across the US of A! Or wherever! Just look me up on Cameo!”

Furthermore, in the comment area of Gary’s post, some of his fans had a little dispute. Gary later joined the dialogue by stating he blocked the guy that his fan was having an argument with. Gary also added the reason why he blocked him was simply about the fact that he didn’t like the guy and his attitude.

A guy named Match Thunderhoof commented:

“Could you tell my wife I’m buying another guitar? I’m a coward.”

Here’s what Gary Holt stated as a comment to the dispute between his followers:

I blocked that dude. Why? Just don’t like him very much😆

You can see the photo Gary Holt posted on Instagram below.