Slayer and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt posted an old picture from Slayer’s last live show on his official Instagram account and paid tribute to the late Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman.

As you might remember, Jeff Hanneman was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis disease in early 2011, and it kept him from performing well. Following this problem, the band announced that Gary Holt will be standing in for his place. After Jeff’s death in 2013, Gary became the new full-time guitarist for Slayer.

Later in 2018, Slayer announced their farewell tour which continued until 2019. Their last live performance was a year ago in Inglewood, and Gary wanted to remember this important day of their career with his latest Instagram post.

As he recalled the good old days with Slayer, Holt also wrote in the caption that he never expected or wanted to be in Slayer at first because it was Jeff’s place. Yet, he tried to do his best to represent Hanneman perfectly.

In this way, Gary remembered the legacy of Jeff Hanneman and paid his tribute to the legendary guitarist. Additionally, he pointed out that it was a pretty wild ride with Slayer. Holt also mentioned that the world went massive after their last show implying that putting an end to Slayer might actually have something to do with all the chaos around the world.

Here is what Gary Holt wrote in the caption:

One year ago today we played the final ever Slayer show. A night of massive mood swings but a triumph nonetheless. An epic night to end what was for me almost nine years of playing metal with these guys, something I never expected or wanted, this was Jeff’s place.

I just tried to do justice to the job. It was a wild ride for sure. The world went to shit after the end. Coincidence? I think not!

First picture by Tayva Martinez. Don’t remember the others. The second photo is our final photoshoot. We look like we’re going to our own funerals. But what a night it was.”

You can check out the post below.