Exodus frontman Gary Holt gave an interview to Guitar World in which he argued that if ‘The Big Four’ were expanded to ‘The Big Five,’ it would include Exodus. 

Following the guitarist Tim Agnello’s departure from Exodus in 1981, Gary Holt joined the band. Since that day, the musician has been their primary songwriter and the guitarist. After Kirk Hammett left in 1983 to join Metallica, Holt became the one who kept Exodus going.

Metallica soon started being mentioned among the founding big four thrash metal bands, which was applauded by their fans and approved by critics. However, the fact that the ‘Big Four’ didn’t include Exodus was criticized by many.

In an interview with Guitar World, the host Greg Prato asked Gary Holt whether Exodus should be included among ‘The Big Five’ of the thrash metal. Following that, the Exodus frontman made it clear that that spot would belong to them by saying, ‘f*ck everybody else.’

As Holt revealed, he hadn’t thought about those things as he was there when thrash metal was born. According to the musician, many bands that claimed that spot didn’t exist back in those days.

In the interview, Guitar World’s Greg Prato asked Gary Holt:

“Do you agree that if ‘The Big Four’ was expanded to ‘The Big Five,’ Exodus would be included?”

Holt then answered:

“I don’t waste time thinking about that kind of stuff. I just tell people, ‘I know where I was when thrash metal was born,’ and a lot of other bands that lay claim to that spot didn’t exist yet. So, that spot belongs to us – f*ck everybody else!

Considering their achievements and successful music career, it is highly probable that Exodus would be the fifth founding band of thrash metal alongside Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Slayer.