Exodus and Slayer guitarist, Gary Holt, posted a photo of Jeff Hanneman on his Instagram account and celebrated the birthday of Slayer’s late guitarist while expressing his sorrow for his loss.

Gary Holt started attracting mainstream attention in the metal world after becoming the guitarist and main songwriter of Exodus in 1981. His fame increased, even more, when he was temporarily hired by Slayer to fill in for Jeff Hanneman who had contracted necrotizing fasciitis in 2011, which is an infection that leads to partial death of the human body’s soft tissue and spreads rather rapidly.

Although Jeff Hanneman recovered from this deadly disease in 2012, he passed away a year later due to liver failure. Upon that, Holt was confirmed to be a permanent member and he remained in the band until their disbandment in 2019. Although Gary Holt and Hanneman didn’t perform together, they had a strong bond and a good relationship.

In fact, Gary Holt has taken the time to appreciate the legendary guitarist on his social media accounts numerous times. For instance, in December 2019, when Gary Holt posted a photo of Slayer in honor of their last show ever, he said; ‘Forever honored to have been a part of this band. But I never wanted this. Jeff should have been there. I just held down the fort for him.’

Thus, it should not come as a surprise that Gary Holt wanted to share a photo and celebrate Hanneman on what would have been his 57th birthday. He wanted to pay his respects to the unforgettable guitarist that he admired so much and apparently felt a little bad for replacing. He referred to Hanneman as a ‘LEGEND‘ and said that he will always be missed.

Here’s what Gary Holt said in the caption of his Instagram post:

“Happy birthday Jeff Hanneman, you are now and always missed. LEGEND.”

Click here to check out the photo that Gary Holt posted on his Instagram account.