Former Slayer member and current Exodus guitarist Gary Holt gave an interview to Loudwire in which he conveyed his thoughts on musical elitism and his approach to different music genres.

After Slayer’s retirement decision, Gary Holt had more time to concentrate on Exodus. They started recording their new album ‘Persona Non Grata’ in September 2020. It will be finally released on November 19, 2021, since the release date was delayed due to Tom Hunting’s health problems.

Exodus has already released three songs from their upcoming album. Their first release, ‘The Beatings Will Continue,’ came on August 19 and the latest, ‘The Years of Death and Dying,’ on November 15. During his recent interview, the musician also discussed the other songs included in the new album. The song named ‘Elitist’ apparently paves the way for a discussion on musical elitism.

Gary Holt revealed that he doesn’t think being an elitist is a bad thing and added that he doesn’t exclude any music genres. He clarified that he can listen to any music because he is respectful to every taste of music. Holt gave Machine Gun Kelly as an example since he changed his sound from rap music to rock throughout his musical journey.

Gary Holt also pointed to Zack de la Rocha and defined him as ‘one of the greatest rappers of all time.’ Zack de la Rocha melded rap and rock, which are thought to have little in common, and his style drew great attention during the 1990s. It is also interesting how Holt chose to define de la Rocha as ‘one of the greatest rappers’ since he achieved fame with the rap-rock band, Rage Against The Machine.

Here are Holt’s statements on musical elitism:

“I listen to everything, but you could drop me on a desert island with the UFO and Rainbow catalogs, and I wouldn’t need anything else. My favorite album on earth right now is Haim, Women in Music Pt. III— it’s a fucking masterclass in songwriting.

Nu-metal… the hip-hop elements had metal people like crying foul rap with loud guitars. I always said nu-metal was the home for bad white rappers. To this day, you have fucking Machine Gun Kelly, who gets dissed out of the rap game and now he’s in the rock game. Why do we keep bringing them in? But then you have someone like Zack from Rage Against the Machine, who is one of the greatest rappers of all time.”

He recalled:

“We did a festival together a few years ago with Slayer with Limp Bizkit and I watched their set. They were amazing… It was fun. It was heavy, it was tight as fuck and I’ve always thought Wes is a great guitar player — phenomenal and different and interesting. Sometimes you’ve got to see it for yourself to appreciate it.

I made the decision myself a few years ago that, unless I was really pushed, I won’t diss musicians anymore because who’s to say if something is good or if it sucks? It’s taste. I’ve tried to make myself the ambassador of trying to never diss people who play guitar because I want more people to play guitar.”

You can listen to Exodus’ latest single below.