Exodus mastermind Gary Holt has posted a new Instagram post on his official account and shared a new update about his current health status.

As we all know, the coronavirus is a deadly virus that affects almost the entire world. People started following strict health precautions due to the coronavirus outbreak, and many musicians canceled or postponed their concerts and shows.

About a week ago, Gary announced that he has coronavirus symptoms and because of that went to the hospital for doing a test to find out if he got Covid-19 or not. Somehow, he didn’t get the results of the test and still waiting for it.

Today, he has penned a letter about his current health status. Gary gave a heartbreaking news that he lost 16 pounds in just a week but still feels better now.

Here’s the statement of him:

“Well, if I’m gonna be locked away waiting for test results for COVID 19, there’s no one on earth I’d rather be in quarantine with than my better half Lisa Holt. Feeling human again, still, no test results yet (hopefully tomorrow!) but I’m not feeling sick anymore.

Lost 16 pounds. And not the way I would prefer! But I’ve laughed a ton the last couple of days while binge-watching stupid shit with my wife! Her and I are what we call “tuned in”, we get the same jokes and laugh at the same shit! Now if I could just get these fucking test results and figure out when I will get to see the kids and grandkids!!”

You can see the Instagram post of him right below.