Exodus guitarist and former member of Slayer, Gary Holt shared the list of songs from the upcoming Exodus album on Instagram but he disguised the names with descriptive titles.

The thrash metal band Exodus released its tenth album named ‘Blood In, Blood Out‘ on October 14, 2014. Since the release of their last successful album, the fans have been looking forward to hearing new music from Exodus.

Earlier this year, the guitarist and main songwriter of the band, Gary Holt confirmed that Exodus members had been working on some new music and there was a possibility of releasing their new album soon.

Recently on Instagram, Gary posted a photo of the list of songs from the upcoming Exodus album. As you will see in the photo below, the album consists of eleven songs. On the caption of his post, Gary stated that the names on the list were not the actual names of the songs. Apparently, he omitted the names and used some descriptive titles instead.

Here’s what Gary Holt stated on the caption of his recent post:

Some song notes on what’s going down! Titles omitted for now so you get the descriptive titles!🤘🏻

You can see the photo Gary Holt posted on his official Instagram account below.

Furthermore, Gary Holt shared a photo of himself with Queen legend Brian May to celebrate his 73rd birthday. On the caption of his post, Gary stated that Brian was one of his favorite guitar players of all-time and appreciated his wonderful personality.

Here’s how Gary Holt celebrated Brian May’s birthday:

Happy birthday to Brian May, one of my all-time guitar heroes, and the nicest man you could ever be lucky enough to meet ( I was a total blathering idiot fanboy here!) and to Robb Flynn, super killer badass dude and a friend for decades! Happy birthday to the both of you!”

You can see the photo Gary Holt shared on his Instagram account below.