Exodus guitarist Gary Holt appeared as a guest on Metal Global with Jorge Botas and reflected on how the pandemic affected the band in general. Holt stated that they recently started feeling and realizing how it negatively affected Exodus.

Being one of the leading thrash metal bands, Exodus released their eleventh studio album, ‘Persona Non Grata,’ on November 19, 2021. The band completed the album’s recording session in October 2020, and it was ready in January 2021. They had planned to release it in the summer of 2021 but postponed it to November 2021 due to drummer Tom Hunting’s cancer diagnosis.

As we are all familiar with, the COVID-19 pandemic had an adverse impact on everything, including the music industry. Most of the musicians’ future plans were interrupted by the severe conditions of the pandemic. During the conversation, Gary Holt was also asked about the effects of the pandemic on Exodus. 

Holt said that when the pandemic emerged, they didn’t have a planned or ongoing tour. They would just work on their new album, so they didn’t feel the negative effects of it that much. It was even good for them because they had more time to concentrate on the album without any interruption.

Later on, Holt referred to Hunting’s disease and said that the pandemic also gave him time to recover. However, Holt claimed that they recently started to be negatively affected by the pandemic as their tour had to be postponed to next year. Thus, it seems like Exodus was luckier than the other bands until this time as the pandemic hit them late.

Here are Gary Holt’s words on the first negative impacts of the pandemic on Exodus:

“This damn virus, it kind of screwed everything up, but you know for Exodus, it wasn’t until two weeks ago that it had a negative effect on us. You know, we weren’t going to tour in the summer when it started. We were going to make an album. Coronavirus gave us the opportunity to do them uninterrupted with no tour offers coming up at the last minute and things like that.

And then, Tom had cancer, so it gave us the time for him to get better, and so we pushed the album back, and right when we thought we had timed it all perfectly well, you know it’s still causing all kinds of trouble on tour, so we postponed our tour to next year. That’s really the first time it has had a negative effect on us as far as a band.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.