The bandleader of Exodus, Gary Holt celebrated the birthday of his dear friend and the former band member, Rick Hunolt with an old picture of them together on an Instagram post.

Gary Holt did not forget the longtime guitarist and the former band friend Nick Hunolt on his birthday and expressed his most sincere thoughts about him on an Instagram post.

Gary Holt and Rick Hunolt, beyond being on the same group for some time, share a friendship that is so strong that they even have their own duo name as ‘H-team’. On the occasion of Hunolt’s birthday, the brotherhood bond between them is proved again.

Here is what Gary Holt said on his post:

“Happy birthday to my brother from another mother, Rick Hunolt! Greatest musician I’ve ever played with, funk bass genius, can play the piano, drums, and the best lead guitarist I know! Better than me that’s for sure!

And a stone-cold maniac on stage! Love you, bro! Can’t wait to have you rip a solo on the new Exodus! CHEERS!”

You can see Holt’s post below.