Exodus’ legendary guitarist Gary Holt has posted a recent photo on his official Instagram account and admitted that they are cooking something new with his iconic bandmate and famous drummer, Tom Hunting.

While he has surprised the community by mentioning they are recording new stuff, Gary also stated that they have decided to build their new studio in the mountains.

After Gary sent these rare photos from their studio, some of the diligent fans have noticed the two great-looking models of Elvis Presley at the two corners of the room, and almost 10K people went to the like button, including his lovely wife Lisa Holt.

Here is what’s written on the caption of the latest photo of Holt:

“It has begun. The assemblage of heavy is commencing. And not a bad place to work on music if I say so myself! Also where we will be recording the new record!

Build a studio in the mountains! That’s the way to go! Tom Hunting and I are getting the thrash going!”

You can check out the latest Instagram photos of Gary Holt below.