Phenomenon thrash metal guitarist Gary Holt, who is the mastermind of Exodus and recent rhythm guitarist of Slayer, did a new interview with Youtube channel ‘Let There Be Rock.’ In the Youtube video, he recalled his first meeting with Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett.

As we all know, Gary Holt was the roadie of Exodus when the time that Kirk was playing for that band. In 1982, Lars Ulrich called out Kirk to ask him if he wants to join Metallica. Then, Gary Holt became the new lead guitarist of Exodus.

In the interview, Gary talked about his first impression on Kirk Hammett and also mentioned the singing abilities of Metallica guitarist.

Here’s the story that Gary told:

“I didn’t know Kirk; the first time I saw Kirk, they did Scorpions, and Kirk’s singing is terrible. [Laughs] Maybe Tom didn’t know the lyrics at the time – because Tom is also a vocalist, and Tom could sing his ass off – but yeah, it was pretty rad.”

Gary continued:

“Then we went to see Ted Nugent with Scorpions at the Cow Palace, and that’s the first time I hung out with Kirk, and so we met at his house over in El Sobrante [California], and he put on Scorpions’ [fourth album, 1976’s] ‘Virgin Killer’ for me.

I never heard Uli-era Scorpions before, and I heard that solo on that, and it changed my life, that’s why there’s a whammy bar on fucking 99% of every guitar I got.”

On how Gary involved Exodus, he said:

“And we just became super-fast friends right from there. After hanging out, I was like his roadie – I can’t call it a guitar tech because all I did was like help carry his 2×12 combo while he’s carrying shit and drinking.

And then we tore it down, and he asked if I wanted to learn a couple of guitar chords and the first thing he taught me was some Rolling Stones song. I can’t remember what it was, but then he taught me the basic blues licks and shit like that. And six months later, I was in Exodus.”

You can watch the entire interview below. Click here to the source of the statement.