Rush bassist, lead vocalist, and keyboardist Geddy Lee revealed his honest opinion about releasing new music after his and his band’s retirement announcement nearly a year ago, and apparently, his answer to rumors about him getting back to music is an honest no at the moment, a yes for a hopeful future.

As you may remember, back in 2015, Rush embarked on their R40 Tour celebrating the 40th anniversary of drummer Neil Peart’s membership in the band. After the tour, Peart announced his retirement from music due to health ailments.

Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson subsequently confirmed that Rush had embarked on their last expansive tour together, but left the door open for future performances and the possibility of new music. Later in 2018, Lifeson admitted that Rush is ‘basically done’ which eventually led the band to announce their retirements.

During a recent interview about his book titled ‘Big Beautiful Book Of Bass,’ Geddy Lee was asked about possible new music coming from him since he is mostly considered as the only member of Rush to release new music after the retirement announcement.

Geddy Lee genuinely opened up about his retirement while revealing that he is still recording to keep his fingers in shape whenever he gets an idea that apparently will be erased in the future. Lee also stated that he does not plan to release new music now, yet he may in the future.

Here is what Lee said:

The honest answer is no. Not really. I go down to my studio, which I do, and I play these bass guitars because I have quite a few of them and they’re fun to play. I like to keep my fingers in shape. When I play, ideas come out, so I record them and then I forget about them.

When I go back to them, I’m sure half of them will be shit and I’ll erase them. But I fully intend to go down one day and see what I’ve gathered down there. Once I’ve finished promoting this book, I do hope to become a musician again! But I have no idea what form that will take. I have no plans and I don’t know where I’m headed.”

As you recall, Rush drummer Neil Peart passed away back on January 7, 2020, at the age of 67 due to brain cancer, which Peart had been quietly battling for three-and-a-half years.

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