One of the biggest talents of Canadian history and also known as being the lead vocalist of Rush, Geddy Lee, has posted a couple of new photos today and recalled his old-time friend and late star, Neil Ellwood Peart.

Neil Peart was Geddy’s late friend and the drummer of the Rush. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 67 due to brain cancer. Today, Geddy has remembered his old-time buddy and celebrated his birthday. If he would be alive, the primary lyricist of the Rush would be 68 today.

Geddy also did not forget to mention the photographer of the second photo who is one of the most talented photographers of the industry, Ross Halfin. After sharing the photos, over 40K people pushed the like button to show their respect to Neil Peart.

Here is what Geddy Lee wrote about his old friend Neil:

“I like to look at pictures of Neil smiling, as his smile was magnetic and lit up the room.

Neil Ellwood Peart
September 12, 1952.💙

Photo 1 credit: Neil at Toronto Sound Studios c.1975, my personal album.
Photo 2 credit: Neil and I backstage in Helsinki, October 29, 2007, Ross Halfin.”

Ex-Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy has commented on the post:

“Happy Birthday Professor! We love and miss you. 💘🥁🙏”

Here are the photos that were shared by Geddy Lee right below.