Rush bassist and singer Geddy Lee talked in a recent interview shared by Alternative Nation, and revealed if they have influenced by marijuana when writing the songs for Rush.

Here’s the statement:

“Marijuana and Rush? Never. Outrageous concept. ‘A Passage to Bangkok’ is just about a train, man! It’s not about anything else. [Laughs.] Yeah listen, I’m really happy that marijuana is being legalized here.

It should be legalized everywhere and it’s not going away. It makes people happy, it eases people’s pain, and more importantly, it eases people’s boredom. So more power to it.”

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Back in April 2019, Geddy spoke with uDiscover to share his opinion on who the greatest bass guitar player of all time. Here’s what he said:

“Judging bass players is really about the context of that bass player. If I had to pick the best jazz/fusion bassist of all time, of course, it would be Jaco Pastorius.

If I was to pick the greatest progressive rock bassist of all time, it would have to be Chris Squire without question.

For a pure rock bassist, I think between John Paul Jones and Jack Bruce. You’d have to have a playoff, and Jack’s no longer with us sadly, so I guess the crown goes to John Paul Jones.

I think it’s all about context, it’s very hard to pick one guy and say, ‘He does that the best.’ If we look at Flea’s playing for his style of music, I mean, it’s fantastic, he’s an amazing player, I have great respect for his bass playing. But how can you compare that to what Chris Squire did? It’s a whole different genre.”

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