Heavy metal legend Black Sabbath’s final show will approach on February 4, live in Birmingham, UK. The band’s bassist Geezer Butler talks about his retirement.

Geezer Butler was interviewed by Austion360. Bass guitar legend said:

It will be bittersweet. It has been a great achievement lasting so long and still being relevant – it’s something to be proud of, but my life will be very empty without the band. I hope our music will be around for a very long time after we’ve gone.

He also talked about his music carrier and Black Sabbath’s journey almost 50 years:

“When we started out, we didn’t expect to last more than a few years, never mind almost 50 years. I never thought it would turn into a lifelong career. It has been especially pleasing to know that we have influenced so many bands, and that we are still relevant after all this time.

I feel that we are still musically at the top of our game, and we are aware that these last shows are the way people will remember us, so each show is very important to us. We put everything into our performances, and that is very important to us, to be the best we can be for our fans.