Black Sabbath bass guitarist Geezer Butler spoke in a recent interview with Goldmine Magazine and talked about the days when they parted ways with Ozzy Osbourne.

In the conversation, Geezer confirmed once again that the mood inside the band wasn’t good enough to continue and it was obvious for him that change was needed for Black Sabbath.

According to Geezer, Ozzy was not happy doing stuff with the band and he was also thinking about leaving Black Sabbath. Additionally, the record company lost its interest in the band in the late ‘70s.

Because of that, Geezer revealed that the band members needed to either split their ways or changing a member, which ended up the departure of Ozzy and the arrival of Ronnie James Dio.

Here is what Geezer Butler said:

“It was obvious that Sabbath needed a change. It felt like the original lineup had to come to an end. By the end of the ’70s, it just wasn’t happening together.

Ozzy was really unhappy doing stuff, I was thinking about leaving, and the record company seemed to have lost interest in us. It either needed to completely split up or get somebody else in that was into what we were doing.”

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