Black Sabbath bassist and primary lyricist, Geezer Butler, was recently been interviewed by ‘The Eddie Trunk Podcast’ this week and took a deep dive into Black Sabbath’s earlier albums, the Dio era, his favorite/least favorite songs from ‘Heaven and Hell’ as well as their relationship with iconic guitarist Tony Iommi.

As you may already know, ‘Heaven and Hell’ is the ninth-ever studio album of Sabbath and it was released back in 1980. The album has reached number nine spot in the United Kingdom and a twenty-eight spot in the United States and managed to become the best-selling album of the band since Paranoid.

In the interview, Eddie Trunk asked if he has any favorite track on ‘Heaven and Hell’ and while he’s naming two different tracks from the album, he also admitted that ‘Walk Away’ is his least favorite. Eddie has reminded him that Tony Iommi has called that song too in a recent interview and asked the reason why admitting that the song is almost a happy song for Sabbath discography.

Here is what he said about his favorite songs:

“I love playing ‘Heaven and Hell,’ it’s a great song to play live because you can extend it for as long as you want it to and have a really good jam on it when we’re doing it live.

I think ‘Children of the Sea‘ is one of my favorites, and ‘Neon Knights.‘”

And here is the reason why he chooses ‘Walk Away’ as his least favorite:

“It’s a generic rock song. If the rest of the album sounded like that, then you’d never have heard of us again.”

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