Gene Simmons, the bassist, co-lead singer, and co-founder of KISS, uses his official Twitter account to share those who tested positive for COVID-19 nearly every day in order to spread awareness.

Gene Simmons, often uses his social media accounts, especially Twitter, to share new projects and old memories of KISS, fun videos with humorous comments, to answer fans’ questions, and also to share some news he found rather shocking.

But recently, Simmons has been posting those who tested positive for coronavirus every single day. He wants to draw attention to COVID-19 and precautions people should take through showing that even famous people can be affected by this virus. His message is simple, wear your masks, and be careful.

As you might remember, The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump announced he and his wife, Melania Trump were tested positive for COVID-19. Simmons recently shared another list of people who were Trump associated and tested positive and wanted to stress the importance of precautions.

Here is what Simmons said with one sentence:

“It’s unfortunate… “

Besides showing celebrities, Simmons also shares news about ordinary people too. He recently shared the sad news about a teacher who died because of COVID-19. And it is only one out of Simmons’ many tweets about a new case or death on his official Twitter page.

Apparently, Simmons wants people to realize the pandemic is amongst us and people should be careful about it, according to him. Simmons shows the cases every day to remind people why everybody should take precautions, wear their masks, and keep the distance.

You can see the Twitter posts below.