KISS bass guitarist Gene Simmons and his wife Shannon Simmons wanted to show their support to the community during these difficult times by sharing new posts on their official Twitter accounts.

While Shannon Simmons was wishing happy holidays for her followers, Gene retweeted this post and said that everybody needs a smile especially in these rough days. The famous couple showed their support to the community once again as Christmas is around the corner.

Furthermore, Gene said that things are going to be better from now and encouraged the fans to be brave and positive. Also, he didn’t forget to share his love and good wishes with his fans all around the world.

In this way, Gene and Shannon showed how humble people they are and earned the respect of the community. Afterward, most of the people showed their gratitude by replying to these posts and thanked them for their kind words.

Here is what Shannon Simmons wrote:

“Happy holidays!”

To which Gene Simmons replied:

“Smile, everyone! Things are going to get better! All our love and good wishes to you and your loved ones.”

You can check out the post below.