The rhythm guitarist and co-lead vocalist of KISS, Paul Stanley responded to a tweet of his dear friend and bandmate Gene Simmons discussing a technical issue related to their common interest of bicycles.

As you might remember, KISS icon Paul Stanley has a longtime interest in riding bikes and finding the best models to add his collection. Particularly during the lockdown days, Stanley often took his social media accounts to show his daily trips to ride a bike and tried to encourage his fans to be more active regardless of their age.

Additionally, a few months ago, Paul Stanley shared the photo of his 26-years-old bike, ‘Univega Activa Trail,’ which he took it out from his garage after a while.

Recently on Twitter, KISS bassist Gene Simmons reacted to a video showing a cyclist doing impressive moves while riding his bike. Gene simply described the video as ‘amazing.’ In the comment section of the tweet, his beloved friend and bandmate Paul Stanley shared his technical knowledge to enlighten how the cyclist could make this kind of move without falling.

Here’s how Paul Stanley explained the technical details of the cyclist’s show:

Wow! Less resistance-More speed.

You can see the dialogue between Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons on Twitter below.