KISS’ co-founder and bassist Gene Simmons has posted a couple of new tweets on his official Twitter account today and unveiled his current health status after getting the second dose of his coronavirus vaccine.

According to the latest tweet of KISS co-lead vocalist, he got his second vaccine today and he feels no pain at all. He also recommended his followers take their vaccine as soon as possible.

As you might already know, Gene is one of the most outspoken personalities of the music scene about the coronavirus these days. This week, he posted yet another tweet on his account and stated that ‘Anything is possible’ after former president Donald Trump recommended Americans get vaccinated.

After sending the tweet that reveals his current health status, one of the followers of Gene claimed that the year he got a flu shot, he got really sick, and right after stopped getting the Flu shot, he stopped getting sick. After seeing the tweet, Gene responded to the follower and suggested the follower do his research about the virus.

Here is what Gene Simmons wrote in his latest tweet:

“Just got our 2nd vaccine shots. Feeling no after effect. Please take the vaccine, to protect others and yourself. And ignore conspiracy lunatics. The Earth is not flat. The Earth is actually round.

Later on, he posted yet another tweet:

“You need to do research. The flu ain’t Covid! Good luck out there…”

Check out the tweets below.