KISS bass guitarist Gene Simmons replied to the tweet of the band via his official Twitter account and revealed the recent accomplishment of KISS during their New Year’s Eve performance in Dubai.

As you might remember, KISS announced their virtual concert about a month ago to say goodbye to 2020, and they managed to mesmerize their followers with perfect performance on the stage.

After the show, KISS’ official Twitter account revealed that they actually broke two Guinness World Records during this concert; one of them was the highest flame projection in a music concert, and the other one os the most flame projection in a music concert.

While showing off the perfect concert they made, Gene also wanted to take attention to the detail that they broke two Guinness World Records and retweeted the post by pointing out the records they have accomplished.

Here is what the official Twitter account of KISS wrote:

“KISS 2020 Goodbye broke the Guinness World Records for highest flame projection in a music concert and for most flame projections launched simultaneously in a music concert! Watch it at”

To which Gene Simmons reacted:

Guinness World Records!

You can check out the post below.