KISS bass guitarist and co-founder Gene Simmons saddened the community by announcing the death of their dog, named Axl, via his official Twitter account.

As you may know, the Simmons family is well-known for their love for animals. Gene has four dogs, all of which are rescues, and he often expresses his love for them through his social media accounts and even during interviews. His daughter, Sophie, also had two dogs, Axl and Jet, and they had been living together for years.

However, with his recent tweet, Gene announced that their long-time family member Axl passed away unexpectedly, which devastated the Simmons family. The rocker described him as a sweet and loving dog and said that he’s sure Axl’s soul is going to Dog Heaven. Simmons said he is swelling up with tears when he thinks how sad Jet will feel once he realizes that Axl is gone. Aside from his touching words, Gene also shared a heartwarming video of Axl, which brought tears to his fans’ eyes.

In addition to that, Sophie shared her feelings about losing such a great friend via her Instagram account. Sophie mourned the death of Axl by writing that she is lucky enough as she had the chance to meet him and love him for more than a third of her life. She finished her message by saying that she will continue to love him for the rest of her life.

Gene Simmons shared his feelings about the passing of Axl:

Our hearts are broken. Sophie’s dog Axl, just passed away. A sweet and loving soul who is clearly on his way to Dog Heaven. We love you Axl, and always will.

Sophie raised both Axl and Jet. Lovingly… Both dogs with hearts of gold. It’s going to be very sad once Jet realizes Axl has gone to Dog Heaven. I’m swelling up with tears even as I’m writing this…”

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