Gene Simmons, who is the bass guitarist and co-founder of KISS, is being loud about the Middle East alongside over 100 leaders in the entertainment industry.

As you might already know, the conflict between Israel and Palestine has just begun once again and there has been lots of bombing towards the Gazza from Israel. Also, the Palestinian groups send few missiles towards Israel.

Following the heartbreaking scenes in both Gazza and Israel, the celebrities sent open letters via their social media accounts and interviews for the peace between these two nations.

Gene Simmons is one of the people who stand against the war, and he hoped that peace would come sooner than expected. Also, the Israeli musician said that there has to be a way to sit down and talk through the differences.

Here is what Gene Simmons said:

“There has to be a way to sit down and talk through differences. I pray for peace. For all.”

You can check out the post that Gene shared below.