KISS bass guitarist and co-founder Gene Simmons shared his opinion about one of the most controversial records of the band ‘Dynasty’ during a recent appearance on Good Day Sacramento.

Dynasty is the seventh studio album of KISS that released back in 1979. However, it was criticized for having lots of disco music despite being a rock band. Even though there was lots of criticism, ‘I Was Made for Lovin’ You’ single was the second gold single that sold over one million copies.

In the conversation, Gene shared his opinion about the people who criticized this album and pointed out that ‘Dynasty’ is a multi-platinum record, which he calls it a hit even though people don’t like it.

Even though Gene admitted that there were songs that sounded like pop and disco, he also mentioned that it isn’t important the way the album succeeds, it is important to see that Dynasty was a hit.

Here is what Gene Simmons said:

“Well, when people talk about that record hit-or-miss, it was a multi-platinum record, so that’s called a hit.

There are some songs that are pop — yeah, by definition it’s called a hit. ‘You know, I don’t like the way that guy hit that baseball, that home run that he hit.’ Idiot, it was a home run.

So that’s called a home run. It doesn’t matter how you feel about it. These are semantics, but I’m not anti-semantic. You see what I did there?”

You can check out the interview below.