KISS bassist Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie Simmons shared a post on her official Instagram page revealing her brand new book named ‘Secrets I Would Never Say, But I Would Sing’ which she has been working on for a long time now.

Sophie Simmons is a singer, TV personality, advocate for children, and a model who promotes body positivity. Simmons has her own business, a body positivity clothing line for The Style Club along with having charity events based on child advocacy centers.

Other than her various professions Simmons also is quite an active social media user on her official Instagram page on which she shares her moments on stage, her support to her friends’ new merch, and breathtaking selfies.

This time, Sophie Simmons shared a post on Instagram announcing her brand new release, a book titled ‘Secrets I Would Never Say, But I Would Sing,’ which consists of leftover lyrics, released songs, and poems. Simmons also revealed that she has been working on the book for two years and it is now ready for pre-order.

Sophie also showed her advocacy for children and her caring side via her book release by donating 10% of sales to The Centre for Child, GLAAD which stands for LGBTQ+ community and acceptance, and American Red Cross.

Here is what Simmons said:

“Secrets I Would Never Say, But I Would Sing. So happy to announce this book … almost 2 years in the making… is finally available for pre-order. The E-Book comes out on November 27th with a hard copy to follow in 2021. It includes everything from leftover lyrics, songs that are released, poems, thoughts, journal entries… everything from my notebooks I carry with me constantly…

And it’s accompanied by amazing artwork from my book publisher By The Seven … I also have decided to donate 10% of sales to Centre For Child, GLAAD and American Red Cross … more info to come.”

You can see the Instagram post right below.