KISS bassist Gene Simmons’ daughter, and also famous pop music singer, Sophie Simmons has shared some special photos when having fun with friends in Amsterdam.

Here’s what she captioned:

“@wearemoksi writing camp was 🔥 already back Amsterdam 😻 (everyone is about to complain about my disposable camera photos but i love it so…)”

A fan noticed that one of the photos she shared is featuring weeds, and he asked a question about it on comment section of that post. Than, Sophie replied the question with a very calm and nice attitude.

Here is the fan’s question:

“Haha smoked weed? I see the rolling tray.”

Sophie Simmons responded:

@mc.wattamelon some people did. i do not smoke weed or anything. never have”

He has penned an answer:

@sophietsimmons haha good of you! Stay sober lol. Great fan of your music!!! Really apriciated!!”

You can see the Instagram post below: