In a recent interview with ET Online, the daughter of KISS bassist Gene Simmons, Sophie Simmons, has revealed the best advice she got from her father.

She said:

The best advice my dad gave me specifically was don’t take days off. He said that if this is what you want to do and you love it, then that should be fulfilling enough… you shouldn’t need to go take time off from doing this thing that you love.

He said you should work harder than anyone else, and from that, I have definitely gotten the opportunities that I probably wouldn’t have gotten if I said, like, ‘I don’t write songs on the weekend. That is a pretty popular saying [for] people in music. No one likes to do it, but I love it because I just honestly love writing songs.

She also explained what her parents think about her approach to music. Here’s the statement:

My parents stay pretty separate from what I do in music and kind of rightfully so because when I write for dance or pop artists, it’s very different from anything my parents have experience with.

When they were in the industry, there wasn’t streaming or YouTube. It’s such a drastically different landscape that it’s hard to ask their advice because they’re just not sure how it works.

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