Sophie Tweed Simmons, the well-known musician, and poet, also known as the daughter of KISS’ bassist Gene Simmons, recently posted a tweet on her Twitter account and condemned ABC for airing a show where women gang up on each other.

As you probably know, the talented musician, poet, and model who promotes body positivity, highly enjoys being active on her social media accounts. In specific, she prefers using her Twitter account to announce her latest projects, interact with her fans, and of course, express her views on social and political matters.

Just some hours ago, upon watching the latest episode of the famous reality show The Bachelor, Sophie posted a couple of tweets with which she criticized both the women ganging up on Heather and the channel for airing such an episode which fuels hate and misogyny.

In her tweet, Sophie said that she can’t believe how mean and awful the women participants were towards Heather. She stated that it was really uncalled for and criticized everyone involved in this. She went on to say that she finds it unbelievable how instead of dealing with the bigger problems that we have in the world right now, some believe that broadcasting women turning against each other is a better idea.

Here’s what Sophie said in her tweet:

“I’m so shocked how awful the women on The Bachelor behaved towards Heather. Honestly petty, insecure, so so mean, and uncalled-for behavior. I hope no one wins.
The Bachelor, I’m sad you chose to air and show women ganging up on women. Disappointed all around.”

This is what she said in her follow-up tweet:

“Such bigger problems in this world right now but yea lets add women ganging up against each other.”

You can check out Sophie’s tweet below.