KISS‘ iconic co-lead singer and bassist Gene Simmons‘s daughter, singer/model Sophie Tweed-Simmons, shared a tweet on her Twitter account which ended up surprising and saddening not only her but also KISS fans and followers.

It is clear that not all rockstars’ children need to be fans of rock or metal themselves, but this does not mean that the spotlight will not be on them. This time, the spotlight caught Sophie Tweed-Simmons complimenting the popstar Bebe Rexha by calling her a ‘rockstar.’

Even though this mistake might have been overlooked if it were anyone else, it received criticism when it was Gene Simmons’ daughter. Some of her followers replied to her comment by saying that Rexha is not a rockstar but a pop-star.

Although the term ‘rockstar’ has started to be used in a more liberal way as a compliment, it was still considered to be disappointing that a true rockstar’s daughter would misuse the term to compliment a pop-star.

Here’s what Sophie Tweed-Simmons commented on Bebe Rexha’s photos:


You can check out the tweet that Sophie has posted on her Twitter account below.