KISS icon Gene Simmons’ daughter and talented singer/model, Sophie Simmons, spoke in an interview with Stage Right Secrets and explained how people could help the child abuse problems.

As you might already know, Sophie is running a Child & Youth Advocacy Center named ‘Sophie’s Place,’ which is founded in 2012, where she has been helping the children who are the victims of mental, physical, or sexual abuse.

This charity center plays a key role in the healing process of these children by providing lots of therapy sessions and family services. In this way, they are trying their best to protect children’s rights.

In a recent interview, Sophie revealed how people could help this cause by saying that the number one way is donating to the foundation. Also, she said that they don’t want any children to be left behind and that’s why this foundation is so important to them.

Furthermore, Sophie also mentioned how the organization is affected by the coronavirus pandemic and stated that even though the whole situation is really hard for them, their team did a great job to minimize the losses.

Interviewer asked:

“Has your child abuse advocacy center Sophie’s Place been affected in any way by the pandemic? What can we do to help in general?”

Sophie Simmons responded:

“You can visit our website and donate! I think that’s the number one way anyone can help at this moment. You have to be a trans professional to work at Sophies Place as we don’t really take volunteers.

Donations are always very much appreciated. The center is still open, but it’s been tough trying to navigate the pandemic and our team has done an amazing job accommodating as much as they can.

We don’t want any children to be left behind during this time or further struggles to go unheard and unseen!”

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