The legendary KISS singer and bassist Gene Simmons’ daughter, Sophie Simmons, has shared a special photo of herself via her verified and official Instagram account.

As you might remember, Sophie has posted a recent photo during her trip to ‘LACMA’ yesterday and stated that she won’t post anything about LACMA until her next trip.

Today, she has posted yet another photo of herself via her official Instagram Stories and shared some hints about her next trip. Sophie also claimed that this year’s trip is far better than she made in 2018.

In the photo, Sophie Simmons was posing front of the luxury car branded ‘Mercedes’ and showing off her attractive curves and legs thanks to her daring black dress.

Here’s what she wrote in the Stories:

“I thought 2018 was a huge year and now I can’t believe what’s coming.

Next trip!”

You can see the Instagram Stories of her right below.