KISS legend Gene Simmons took to his official Twitter account to share the new project of his daughter, Sophie, and revealed his reaction to the song-writing skills of his daughter.

As you might remember, Sophie collaborated with her long-time friend, Felix Cartel, for his newest single, Mine, and mesmerized the followers with her perfect voice and proved that she is good at singing too besides modeling and song-writing.

Gene showed how proud he is by sharing a new song of Fly B Midnight and Clara Mae’s  Lost Without You, which was written by Sophie, and wanted his all followers to listen to this song, even though it is a different taste of music compared the KISS.

Here is what Gene Simmons wrote:

Here’s another Sophie Simmons written song. Proud!”

Later on, Gene posted yet another tweet and announced that Sophie is in Canada’s Top 40 List:

“And, Sophie Simmons is already how n Canada’s Top 40!!!”

You can check out the posts and the song below.