KISS icon Gene Simmons’ daughter and also a well-known social media personality, Sophie Simmons, has posted a stunning photo via her official Instagram page and continued to captivate admirers by her pure beauty.

As you can see in the photo below, Sophie Simmons was wearing a yellow sweatshirt branded Tommy Hilfiger, and she teamed it with black tiny shorts. Frankly, she was looking very gorgeous and fascinating in this pose.

In the caption, Sophie Simmons wanted advice from his followers and asked that ‘Do you have any new activity recommendations?’ This Instagram post reached more than 1k likes in just half an hour and her followers wrote a lot of comments to answer her question.

Here’s what she wrote in the caption:

“Writing poems, cooking taco Tuesday, petting my dogs, reading new books, making music 💕 How have you all been? any new activity recommendations?”

A fan named Luisinsky answered her question:

“Big puzzle(!) 🙌🙌”

Another fan named Russ Thompson wrote this:

“Surviving and practicing for when “normal” finally returns. 🌹”

You can see the Instagram post of her right below.