The iconic KISS star Gene Simmons’ daughter and also a musician like his father, Sophie Simmons, posted yet another #tbt video on her official Instagram page to show off how cute she’s even with a low-quality video.

You may watch the latest video of Sophie right below that she’s wearing a long and black coat that completes her cool-looking style. At the end of the video, she’s sent a cute kiss to the camera.

Sophie chose not to give away details about the video, instead, she used a hashtag with it:


An Instagram user named Matt wrote this:

“Just fantastic. My respect and infatuation for you are higher than the tallest mountain and deeper than the deepest ocean. Just love ya So immensely talented. ❤️”

Another user named homercraft shared his admiration for Sophie:

“You have a beautiful voice.”

You can watch that cute video of Sophie below.

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