KISS co-founder and bassist Gene Simmons’ daughter, Sophie Simmons, has shared a new photo of herself on the official Instagram account and said that she would answer fans’ questions about her most recent Masterclass live stream.

Some of her fans asked the questions about the live stream, while others focused on the photo she shared and praised her wonderful look.

As you might see in the photo, Sophie showed off her flawless beauty by wearing a long dress. Many stopped in the comment section to show their admiration for the singer.

Here’s what Sophie said:

“What did you guys think of the masterclass live stream?! @barongfamily 💕 ln my knowledge, any other questions you have below and I’ll try to answer 🙏🏼”

An Instagram user named jeff_re_y_ asked:

“I missed it! Are you going to do another one soon?”

Sophie Simmons replied to him:

“I think the barong family will have it up on their youtube for a while but maybe I’ll do another one!”

Another fan named elmoffett wrote:

“Gorgeous photo”

See the Instagram post below.