KISS icon Gene Simmons’ multitalented daughter Sophie Simmons shared a series of videos on her Instagram account to announce the exciting news about that her poetry book named ‘Secrets I Would Never Say, But I Would Sing‘ which is available now.

As you may know, the KISS bassist and co-lead singer Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie has been focusing on various artistic genres, including music and poetry. Earlier this year, Sophie released her latest single titled ‘Mine’ featuring Felix Cartal which was climbing numerous charts since its initial release.

A couple of weeks ago, Sophie Simmons revealed that she was working on a new exciting project which will unveil her talent in a completely different field of art. Simmons stated that she was getting ready to release a poetry book titled ‘Secrets I Would Never Say, But I Would Sing‘ which involved some pieces from her personal journal.

Recently, Sophie Simmons shared a series of videos via Instagram stories to announce that her much-anticipated poetry book is now available. As you will see in the videos below, Sophie looked gorgeous with her natural self while giving the exciting news of her latest release.

Here’s how Sophie Simmons announced her new book:

“The book is out and the link is in my bio. You can order now.”

However, a funny thing happened during her announcement when her arm slipped from the bathroom sink which she was leaning on. In the last video she posted, Sophie revealed that she slightly injured herself while mentioning how shocked she was about what just happened to her arm.

Here’s what Sophie stated about her unfortunate injury:

“I can’t believe I just did that to my arm on that thing. Look at that”

You can see the videos Sophie Simmons posted via Instagram stories below.