KISS icon Gene Simmons’ daughter and talented model/singer, Sophie Simmons, shared her reaction to another police violence via her Twitter account and showed her support to the black people once again.

As you can see in the video, a man was asking the police about why he is getting detained. However, the answer was the violence by the police officers.

Sophie stated that it is so shocking that they use violence for an unarmed man without giving any explanations of why they are arresting him. Also, she said that they should fire these men immediately.

Here is what Sophie Simmons said:

“Fire these men immediately. the officer couldn’t give a single reason as to why he was stopped or why he was being detained. The backup had less info, and the immediate response was violence… Unbelievable. Also, he was completely unarmed.”

A fan named Joshua replied:

“But then again… Where is the video from when the police officer first pulled him over, to the point where he is outside on the back of the car? Not saying it should have happened. Just saying I need to see the full picture before assuming.”

Another fan named Robert wrote:

“Arrested for speeding? Since when? Plus, he hadn’t even asked for his ID until late not immediately?”

You can check out the tweet below.